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Safety and Accessibility Solutions
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Safety and accessibility solutions help to ensure the well-being of the clients under your care.

ServiceMaster Clean® of Ottawa is a leading provider of custom safety and accessibility solutions. We possess the tools and know-how to professionally install railings, grab bars, ramps, and other accessibility and safety items.

What we offer.

ServiceMaster Clean of Ottawa is able to accommodate your clients who seek an immediate install. We possess the tools and know-how to facilitate their return home post-injury, and help them to maintain safe and independent function within their homes. We professionally install railings, grab bars, ramps, and other accessibility and safety items for short or long term use, by working closely with you to address suitable options for each individual client.

Providing safety and comfort in the home environment is a priority, and whether it’s the install of an accessibility ramp, the widening of doors, or lowering of cabinets, ServiceMaster Clean of Ottawa is there for you and the clients under your special care.

Using industry approved estimating software, we accurately quote jobs the first time. And, as a supplier to most major insurance companies, we work with them to remove any burden from your clients’ shoulders, and ensure that the project is completed in the most efficient manner possible.

Our safety and accessibility specialist, Perry Dozois, is passionate about his work. A member of the ServiceMaster Clean of Ottawa family since 1998, Perry is well-known in the industry as the “go-to” guy for safety and accessibility installations. With a certificate in industrial woodworking, and experience in disaster restoration and mechanics, it’s no wonder. We are lucky to have him on the team, and pleased to offer his services to you.

ServiceMaster Clean of Ottawa, Restoring Peace of Mind™.

With 30 years of proven successes serving the Ottawa community, we are ready to serve you:

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